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About Varsity Care LLC.

Varsity Care, LLC was founded by Halley Ascher and John Bartos to create a service that would provide care to college students living away from home. Both founders have extensive experience in the healthcare and legal fields, and are themselves parents of college students.

The company was born from the founders’ passion for improving healthcare through innovative solutions and their own personal experiences. As a Registered Nurse Halley was frequently called by her friends to help their college student in a health related situation. These situations included a sick or injured child who had to go to the Emergency Room or a child with a doctors appointment who needed support. She constantly heard from her friends that they were comforted that she was able to provide oversight to their child’s health needs. John’s healthcare background, and the everyday health struggles of his own college students, made him realize that there was a gap between the health treatment his children needed and the limited care he could provide remotely. It was difficult for both of them to navigate both the university health system and emergency care.

John and Halley saw a need to provide trained care to those students navigating health issues on their own for the first time. Care that would bridge the gap until a parent or guardian could be there. Varsity Care, LLC can be there for your child when you cannot be. We provide care for your child with the same attention we would give to our own children. We are there for your child when they need us and as their parent, we provide you with peace of mind.

Join our Awesome Team

We are continuously expanding and looking for passionate people to join our team. Right now we are hiring for the following positions:

Registered Nurse
Brand Ambassador
Telephone Customer Support