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How Does the Varsity Care Registered Nurse Advocate Help?

Our Registered Nurse Advocate staff consists of well-trained, licensed Registered Nurses with one or more years of acute care nursing experience.
Think of a Registered Nurse Advocates as a healthcare partner – someone who offers resources, advocacy, and support during a health or mental wellness event so your student can focus on getting better. For example; The Registered Nurse Advocate can:
Provide instruction when necessary
☼ Monitor compliance
☼ Watch for side effects of new medications
☼ Catch the early signs of trouble
☼ Get medical help before the health issue escalates to a health crisis
☼ Offer guidance to students during stressful situations or conflicts
☼ Provide support and/or advocacy either in-person or virtually
☼ Teach the student to become their own healthcare advocate
☼ Educate the student on how to navigate the complex healthcare system

What is the Role of the Registered Nurse Advocate?

The role of the Registered Nurse Advocate is to be with the student either in person or virtually during a health-related event and to communicate with the student’s primary care team, student and parent.

Who are Registered Nurse Advocates?

Our Registered Nurse Advocates are licensed healthcare providers and serve as an advocate and communicator to help students during a health-related event, providing real-time information to parents.

– Registered Nurse Advocates are available 24/7 to be onsite with the student when applicable except in extraordinary situations, such as adverse weather conditions or transportation break-down.

– NOTE: VC Registered Nurse Advocates do not serve in a clinical role as part of the VC services. The Registered Nurse Advocate Services specifically exclude the performance of “nursing services” as delineated under the applicable state or compact nursing license issued by the applicable board of nursing.

Registered Nurse Advocate