Protect Your College Student This Semester w/ 'The Varsity Care' Service

Do you have a son or daughter headed to College this fall?

There is no question that things will be different this year at College -- Varsity Care is providing a service for college students to have an additional resource for efficiently navigating the healthcare options. Imagine your student having phone/video access to a registered nurse practitioner that can help decide what's best course of action in the event of illness or injury.

No parent likes thinking about it, but what are you going to do when your child gets hurt or sick far from home and you are not there? Nearly 50% of college students seek emergency care every year.


College is about learning. Let Varsity Care teach your student to navigate his/her healthcare issues with our highly trained Health Facilitators.



Providing Peace Of Mind

Our son, away at college, was hospitalized for a week with COVID-19 - if this was your child, what would you do? This is a situation where Varsity Care’s Health Facilitators can bridge the gap. Since we couldn’t be there physically, we had to trust others to ensure he was getting the best care possible. We founded Varsity Care because every student deserves this individual attention. You can trust us to assist your student far from home when they are faced with the unexpected.
For Students attending Georgetown University, American University, George Washington University, Trinity Washington University, Catholic University of America, Howard University and University of Maryland - College Park.

The Varsity Care Service Includes:

A Varsity Care welcome kit.
HIPAA form/student authorization
  • Documents Must Be Completed Prior To Varsity Care Providing Service.
2 Hours Of A Varsity Care Health Facilitator*
  • Use These Hours When The Student Needs In Person Assistance At The Emergency Department, Urgent Care And/Or Doctor’s Appointment.
2 Sessions With A Varsity Care Virtual Health Facilitator*
  • Use These Sessions For A Student, Or Their Care Team, To Communicate Virtually With A Varsity Care Virtual Health Facilitator.
2 prepaid prescription pick-ups and deliveries
Upon request, Varsity Care will compile event related medical records and/or reports
*The Varsity Care Health Facilitator is a consultant/advocate only and does not provide clinical care and/or direct treatment decisions.

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